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May 2009
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Adventures In Child-Naming
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Posted by: Tim @ 10:36 am

I never suspected it would be so difficult to come up with a name for our child.  Of course, not knowing the gender doubles the difficulty.  I will not name a child after myself or Sharon, nor will we use a name that 7 other people in either family already have.  I think that adds unnecessary confusion and lacks originality.  I don’t want any bizarre names or names that will cause the child to get a daily drubbing at school (physical or verbal).  But I also don’t really want a name that every third child already has.  I recently read through every single name in a book of 30,000 names and none of them stood out (male or female).  Sharon and I have also bounced various names off each other, and we can’t seem to agree on any yet.  So, it’s getting a bit interesting.  Maybe we can just name him/her “null”.  Except we’ll have the same dilemma when the second child arrives.  Maybe “n” for the first child, “n+1″ for the second, “n+2″ for the third, and so forth?  ;-)

OK, just so you all know, this is NOT a request for suggestions.  Suggestions WILL NOT be accepted.  I just needed to whine a little bit.

7 Responses to “Adventures In Child-Naming”

  1. Tim Says:
    Speaking of children’s names…check out the silly names in this video (http://www.sendthisnow.com/html/babydaddy.html). This is hilarious!
  2. Greg Says:
    Suggestions: what about Seven? or Soap? or Santa Maria? Or any other absurd name which starts with an S?
  3. Anonymous Says:
    Speaking of names some more, have you seen the NameVoyager? http://www.babynamewizard.com/namevoyager/lnv0105.html By typing a letter, you’ll zoom in to focus on how that initial has been used over the past one hundred years to give names to boys and girls. Then type a few more letters, or an entire name. - Mark H.
  4. Tim Says:
    Greg - how about Spoon? Sasquatch? Sasparilla? Septuagenarian? Summorbierpleze? Mark - thanks for the reminder. I remember seeing the Name Voyager when Christie was trying to come up with names for her baby. I’ll have to play with this a bit ;-)
  5. Greg Says:
    Spoon is great, but I think septuagenarian is a little presumptuous, don’t you?
  6. Kevin Says:
    Kevin is clearly the only name will work!!!
  7. Tim Says:
    Uhhh…what if it’s a girl? I don’t think Kevin is a very pretty girl’s name. If it’s a boy…nah, I still like “n”.

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