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MP3s and an iPod in your car
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Posted by: site admin @ 7:19 pm

I have been ripping and listening to music in the MP3 format for quite some time now. Mostly I use my PC as a huge jukebox, but for Christmas, I got a portable CD player that can play audio CDs as well as CDs with MP3s. It’s got the power adapter for the car’s cigarette lighter, an adapter for playing the audio through the cassette deck, and even a little remote control. It’s pretty cool. But, compared to an iPod or iRiver, I guess I am still in the stone ages. I just can’t bring myself to pay $200 or more for a portable music player.

Recently, I discovered a few cool articles about playing MP3s through car stereos using an iPod. I also found out that there are now car stereos that can play MP3s directly or have an iPod interface!

c|net has a weekend project for setting up your car stereo for playing your iPod. They mention some resources from Crutchfield and products such as the Monster iCruze and the Sik Imp.

InformIT also has an article about listening to an iPod through your car stereo.

Estone makes the Car MP3 Player Ripper-510: a car stereo designed by some IT geeks. This thing plays MP3s, can rip CDs, record from radio, and has a 20 GB removable USB hard drive! It lists for $900, but is available from zMedia Technologies for $700. Guess this is one more toy I can count on not having.

The latest issue of Car Audio & Electronics has reviews on some of the latest car stereos that can play MP3s and other digital audio formats:

Apparently the new BMWs have built-in iPod interfaces and a handy little place to mount the iPod inside the glovebox. Suddenly an iRiver and an Alpine stereo don’t look so expensive…


3 Responses to “MP3s and an iPod in your car”

  1. Greg Says:
    Since semi-inheriting Mario’s old ‘89 Volvo, I’ve rediscovered cassette tapes. It’s amazing how much music that i haven’t listened to in years can totally bring you back to 1994. I’ve even bought a few new tapes on the street (Yes-Classics and a Bob Marley album). But I do want to figure out how to make my Creative Jukebox talk to my car stereo. I’ve heard of wireless attachments which broadcast on a low-power radio frequency, some of the iPod systems work this way. Actually, after a quick search I found this site: http://www.arkon.com/fmtransmitter.html. One of those will definitely work, I’m leaning towards getting the one with the power adapter so I won’t have to fork over the cash for batteries.
  2. TheNick Says:
    Hey! It may be old here but just want to let you know that the Alpine CDA-9857 head-unit don’t need the KCA-420i module. You can connect the KCA-422i cable directly to your head-unit and the support is more elaborated than with the KCA-420i
  3. Tim Says:
    To TheNick: Thanks for the input :) Do you have the CDA-9857 or a similar car stereo?

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