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May 2009
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Exercise with humor
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Posted by: Sharon @ 11:21 am

A good friend started a Stretch, Tone and Strengthen class recently. She mentioned how cool it is to have a relaxed class where making funny faces at certain stretch points or yelling out humorous comments during a flexibility test is okay and welcomed. My low impace aerobic class is similiarly humorous at times. There is a gentleman, other than I, who usually is in the back of the class making humorous remarks. Several weeks ago the song “Rescue Me”  by Fontella Bass http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/cinderellastorya/rescueme.htm (here are the lryics, I couldn’t find a site to download the song for free) These words are probably most familiar-  Rescue me, Take me in your arms, Rescue me, I want your tender charm, ‘Cause I’m lonely, And I’m blue, I need you, And your love too, Come on and rescue me. Now, of course this song came on in the last 5 minutes of the cardio part of the class when we’re all wanting to stop. Naturally, the nice gentleman from the back of the class yells out “RESCUE ME!!”,  making us all laugh and helping relax our tired muscles. He hasn’t returned to the class in some time, I hope he returns since it’s the humor which usually helps the rest of us to keep going.

2 Responses to “Exercise with humor”

  1. Tim Says:
    This reminds me of that guy named Jim who was in our Introductory Russian class we took in Colorado. He was trying not to bust out laughing when the instructor was telling us how to say “what is your name?” in Russian. “Kak vas zavoot? … kak … kak … kak … vass … zavoot? … kak … kak …”
  2. Heidi Says:
    Yeah, I quit that class - I HURT MYSELF!!! I’ve decided that exercise is bad for you… just kidding. I’m thinking of trying yoga next (the calming type, not power yoga). By the way, anyone else ever find that exercise causes them to yawn? Weird.

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