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May 2009
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Unwelcome Office Visitors
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Posted by: Tim @ 9:47 am

Snakeskin with rulerOK, does this look familliar?  Anyone know what this is?  Have you seen Alien?  OK, so it’s not an alien skin, but it is a snake skin!  And I found it in my office this morning when trying to kill a huge spider. Now I’m a little freaked out!.

Snakeskin stuck to desk legI was in the process of hunting down and killing a very large spider that crawled down my wall behind my desk when I spotted a snake skin attached to one of my desk legs.  I’ll take a few spiders here and there over snakes in my office.  Even if snakes eat the spiders.  This really sucks.  Now I’m freaked out because I have no idea where the snake is.  It shed its skin and now it’s in hiding.  How the hell did it get into our basement?  Gah!  At least I got the damn spider.

9 Responses to “Unwelcome Office Visitors”

  1. Mark H. Says:
    Looks like cobra skin. Better get a mongoose.
  2. Greg Says:
    mongoose sounds like an idea. Just don’t call Indiana Jones.
  3. Tim Says:
    “Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?!?”
  4. Eileen (Al Gosselin's wife) Says:
    Sweet! I’ll have to remember that trick if Al ever moves his office home. Did you ask you wife where she got the skin? Nice carpet, by the way.
  5. Tim Says:
    Hi Eileen - hey, have you been talking to Sharon or something? ;-) You should have seen the look on Sharon’s face when I mentioned the snake! Yeah, we installed the carpet when we finished up the office last year. It sorely needs vacuuming, so don’t look at all the dust bunnies under the desk :-D
  6. Clare Says:
    Eeeeewwwwwwww!!! I work in my basement office and have similar challenges with the odd spider or centipede - but a snake? The only time I ever found a snake in my office was when my son got angry with me and released his pet garter snake as punishment. Found the little critter in a couple of seconds and had hm back where he belonged. But yours, I mean that skin looks like a rattler. I’d be cover head to toe in leather with my feet up on either side of my monitor using a shotgun as a backrest.
  7. Tim Says:
    Fortunately, it’s not a rattler. The tail comes to a nice little point with no ridges. A few days after I found the skin, I found another 3-inch section: the head-end. There are rattlers around here, but they are very rare. There are also copperheads and “water moccasins”, but I think they have diamond-shaped heads like rattlers. At least the copperheads do. This snake’s head is the same width as the rest of his body (at least I hope it’s a “he” and not a pregnant “she”…). It’s probably a garter snake or black snake. I have to say, I have not heard any crickets down here since I found the skin. At least there’s that.
  8. Anonymous Says:
    looks like the skin of a rat snake
  9. snake Says:
    its a corn snake aka red ret snake

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