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May 2009
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It’s a Boy!!!
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Posted by: Tim @ 4:21 pm

Finally!!  After about 27-1/2 hours of labor, Sharon finally gave birth to our little baby boy.  And I’ll tell you what: I now how a much deeper, more profound respect for all mothers.  Wow!!!  It’s not possible to adequately describe what women go through while giving birth.  Even the videos you see of childbirth don’t do it justice.  All I can say is thank you to moms everywhere!

So, back to the stuff you all want to know.  His name is James Eliot Chemacki.  He was born at 1:44 AM on August 10, 2006 (right on his due date).  At birth he weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long.  He’s the cutest, sweetest little baby on Earth!  And he is strong - he rolled onto his side about 5 minutes after being born!

James and Sharon are doing well. We all came home from the hospital yesterday evening (Saturday), arriving home around 7 PM. We didn’t get much sleep, as you would probably guess.  We were up essentially every 1-2 hours all night last night, either feeding or changing diapers.

It’s still hard to believe I’m a dad and that James is ours. He’s our wonderful little miracle.

Sharon and James moments after birth

Sleeping James (still at the hospital)

James getting ready for the trip home from the hospital

James' first morning at home

10 Responses to “It’s a Boy!!!”

  1. Debra Savage Says:
    He is just beautiful. A little red, but you would be too. What a great head of hair! It is such a happy thing to see a new baby who you know will have all the love and nuturing that he will need. He is one lucky boy. You are one lucky family. My best, best wishes go to James Eliot for a good life full of love, happiness and health.
  2. Clare Says:
    HI Tim and Sharon, Congrats!!!! Congrats!!!! Congrats!!!!. He’s a very handsome little bundle that will keep you enthralled and running. I’m glad to hear everything went well (mind you, after a Olympiam labor). Remember, in the big picture the sleep-starved nights don’t really last too long at all. Love his famous sounding name, “James Eliot.” Take care … Clare
  3. Kathleen Traylor Says:
    Hi Tim & Sharon! And a wonderful welcome to James! I am so excited for you! And he’s beautiful! What awsomely, exciting and wonderful times are ahead for you! Daniel just graduated from high school! It will go by so fast. Treasure every moment! Love you both and thanks for keeping me posted! Kathleen
  4. Big Al, your ex-officemate Says:
    Just like every other baby, he’s the spitting image of Winston Churchill. Congratulations…
  5. Lily Kurokawa Says:
    Welcome James Eliot Chemacki!!!! A big virtual hug from your Auntie Lily :-) Congratulations Tim and Sharon. He is such a perfect baby and you two must be so proud of him. Best wishes to the whole clan for the wonderful addition to your family. Lily Kurokawa
  6. Michelle and Guy Saporito Says:
    We are sooooo happy for all three of you! James is precious and very lucky to have you both as parents - here’s to wishing you all kinds of joy and peace as you start this new chapter in your lives!
  7. Janine Bowman Says:
    Congratulations Mom and Dad! Have you gotten used to your new titles yet?! James is beautiful. Definitely worth the wait! Hugs and love to all 3 of you. - Janine
  8. Dad T Says:
    Beautiful and thank God that all are healthy. Take care, Love, Dad
  9. Heidi Says:
    He’s so cute!!! Congratulations you two! Great job Share! Hugs, kisses and lots of love… Heidi
  10. Mark & Mindy Chemacki Says:
    Congrats, Tim & Sharon! We didn’t know that you were expecting. Issac will be excited to know that that he almost had a birthday pal. August 15th is a huge day at with this part of the Chemacki’s; Issac’s birthday and our wedding anniversary! WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY, JAMES!!! :) He’s a keeper! Love, Mark and Mindy

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