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Star Wars Party Countdown
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I am so looking forward to this weekend’s Star Wars party!  Sharon and I have been spending lots of time getting ready: cleaning up around the house, running coaxial cable throughout the house, creating shopping lists, confirming who is coming, etc.  I’m pumped…this is gonna ROCK!

Anyone who is a Star Wars fan might want to check out some of the web sites that have films actually created by fans for fans.  My favorites are:

I’ve already downloaded gigabytes worth of films. Also, if you like Star Trek, you may also like Star Trek New Voyages, which has Star Trek fan films.  I have not had the chance to delve into this one yet though.

One of the guys who helped create TheForce.Net is actually a young Catholic priest in the Netherlands (Father Roderick Vonhogen).  He’s a big Star Wars fan and had created another site called The Virtual Edition.  This is another site I have not yet had the chance to really check out, but it looks like fun.  I actually learned about it while listening to Father Roderick’s podcast, the Catholic Insider.

O’Reilly has a new magazine out called Make.  It looks like it’s got some really cool projects!  Volume 2 has an article about building Star Wars robots - specifically R2-D2.  The latest podcast from Make had an interview with a guy who has been making Star Wars robots.  If you’re into this, you’ll also like the R2 Builders Club.

For all you Stormtrooper fans, the 501st Legion is "the world’s definitive Imperial costuming organization" with members all over the world.  I believe some of these folks were extras in one of the latest Star Wars fan films, Revelations.

If you want to buy a light saber, try Parks Sabers.  Or you can always build your own.  Now obviously, these are not working light sabes; they’re just props.  Very cool props.

I had a ton of Star Wars links somewhere, and now I can’t seem to find them.  Dangit!  I know some of the above links were in the list, but there were others on buying and building other Star Wars costumes and props.

Anyone else know any cool Star Wars fan sites?


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