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May 2009
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Sheesh! It’s been over 6 weeks!
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Posted by: Tim @ 7:38 pm

Time seems to just fly.  James is already 6-1/2 weeks old.  Can you believe it?  In a week and a half he gets his first immunizatoin shots.  That’s gonna be a blast, I’m sure.

James is just so incredibly cute.  I just love to spend time with him.  Earlier I posted that I thought he had started smiling, but then commented that it was probably not real smiles.  Well, now he definitely does ocasionally smile.  He has an absolutely beautiful smile with cute little dimples!  I can’t wait for the time that he smiles even more.

We’ve been taking zillions of pictures.  I promise we’ll be posting some photos soon.

James has finally started sleeping more solidly through the night.  He generally only wakes us twice a night now to feed.  That’s not too bad.  I didn’t think his waking up 0-20 minutes after we put him down half the night long was ever going to end.  Plus, now we don’t have to actually spend 20 minutes each time to get hime to fall back to sleep.  He’s usually pretty good, though if he gets himself all riled up, it takes a bit longer than normal to calm him back down.  All in all, though, he’s a great baby.  And at least he’s not colicky - thank GOD!

It’s been nice that I work from home.  We’ve worked out a good system such that Sharon and I take turns showering and eating breakfast.  We fit James’ feeding into that time slot as well.  That way we can both shower and I can still get to work by 9 am.  I hear that often stay-at-home moms go all day without a shower, so this works nicely.  Not too shabby.

Sharon’s mom and one of our friends have both come up a few times to help watch James while Sharon goes shopping or does some things she needs to accomplish.  That has been rather nice.

It seems like there is so much more I should say, but I don’t know.  It’s just not coming to me.  I’ll have to add more later.

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