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May 2009
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Wedding weekend
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Congratulations to John and Gretchen!  Sharon and I attended their wedding in Troy, NY this past weekend.  We definitely had a great time.

I took the day off on Friday so we’d have plenty of time to pack and drive up to Troy.  We checked into our hotel and then headed to the church (right down the street) for the rehearsal (John asked me to do one of the Scripture readings and the Prayer of the Faithful).

Then we drove back to the hotel and walked across the street for the rehearsal dinner at the same restaurant (different management and name now) where my family and I would go for dinner when they’d come to visit during Parents’ Weekend at RPI.   The restaurant is actually adjacent to the Hudson River.  Our group had an entire room reserved - one that overlooks the river.  When we ventured out onto the balcony (which we also had reserved), we discovered that there is a boat dock down below where boaters can tie up and then walk into town or eat at the restaurant.  Very cool!

I also added excitement to Friday afternoon by realizing that I forgot a white shirt to wear with my suit.  Of course I didn’t realize this until after we had checked into the hotel and began getting dressed for the rehearsal and dinner (about 4:15 PM).  Just in time for basically all clothing stores to be closed.  Fortunately, there is a Wal-Mart about 15-20 minutes from the hotel.  Just close enough to buy a new shirt for the wedding and still make it to the church on time for the rehearsal.  Thank you, Wal-Mart!

The wedding went beautifully on Saturday.  I pulled off the reading and prayer without passing out or getting tongue-tied.  Fortunately my terror was not apparent to the audience, which was certainly a bonus, both for me and for John and Gretchen.  I was certainly honored to participate in their wedding ceremony, despite my fear of public speaking.  It was absolutely worth it.

After the ceremony, we drove back to the hotel to park and then walked across the street to the wedding reception.  What a beautiful and classy place it was!  We had fun and ate quite well.

I have to say, it was very cool to have the rehearsal dinner on one side of the hotel and the wedding reception on the other side.  And the church was only a few blocks away, between the same two streets as the hotel, making it an easy loop.  Very easy and very convenient.

At around 6:30 PM, after the reception had ended, there was an after-party in the hotel.  So, we had a few drinks, ate more food, and visited with John, Gretchen, and other guests.  Before this wedding, we had never met Gretchen’s family, so it was fun to meet all these new people.

Next, we went to the party after the after-party.  This event was at a bar about a mile down the street from the hotel.  The neighborhood isn’t very good, but the food is great!  The biggest draw for us was the wings, of which I ordered a double-batch (20)…hot!  I ate all but one, which I let someone else try.  Very yummy!

On Sunday, we went to mass at the same church where the wedding ceremony was held, and then drove back home.  However, the day’s events were not yet over; it was Dad’s 60th birthday!  So after relaxing for a couple hours, we drove down to Mom’s and Dad’s for dinner and a birthday celebration.  I think I gained 10 pounds this weekend.

 – Tim

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