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May 2009
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Star Wars Party
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Star Wars Episode III TicketsOK, so it took a while to put this post together…

Anyway…our Star Wars party was great! We had a handful of dedicated fans who arrived early for Episode I (started at 9:30 AM) and stayed through to the end of Episode VI (ending about 2:15 AM). Lots of different people also came and went throughout the day to watch an episode or two. And…we had about 21 people at the theater to watch Episode III!

As we were preparing for the party, we didn’t know if there would be enough food for everyone. I guess we got overzealous, because we had a ton of food, with tons leftover. And we never even opened a single bag of chips! Damn, that was a lot of food! I enjoyed sampling the various Star Wars foods like the "Wombat Droppings", "Leia Do Danishes", white chocolate R2-D2s, "Wookie Cookies", etc. So, thanks to all of you who brought stuff.

Watching Star Wars...Episode???To help everyone get into the Star Wars mode, we decorated the house with various Star Wars paraphernalia, some of which was ours, and some borrowed from friends and neighbors: posters, figures, Pez dispensers, books, toys, etc. We even had Star Wars paper plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths. Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of all the decorations. Oh, well.

At the end of each movie, we raffled off free prizes: CD-ROMs of Star Wars fan films, figurines, a Star Wars book on tape, and a talking Yoda.

For all who came, it was great to see you all! Thanks for help making this party a fun success! I had been wanting to do this for a long time, so it was nice to finally have the opportunity.

Tom asleep at the end of Episode VI: Return of the JediIn a way, it seems kind of empty now that after 28 years of waiting, there are no more (planned) Star Wars movies to look forward to. So now what? The two Star Wars trilogies are done. We don’t know if George Lucas is going to ever do the final trilogy (Episodes 7-9). We do know he is working on a Star Wars TV show, though. And, there are tons of Star Wars novels out there, as well as computer games and the two Clone Wars cartoon series and lots of fan films.

We’ve watched the Clone Wars cartoons, and now I’ve started digging into the books. I’ve gotta get my fix! So…I’ll probably post a bit here and there as I read the books and/or discover new things Star Wars.


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