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Get Blog Updates By Email
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Posted by: site admin @ 4:17 pm

I recently added new functionality to this blog. If you want to keep up with what’s going on with us but keep forgetting to come here, you can go to www.chemacki.com and enter your email address to receive a daily summary update email whenever there’s new content. I’ve also got it set up to include the most recent photos I post to flickr and latest links I post to de.licio.us. Cool, huh?

After you submit yur email address, you will need to follow the instructions in the confirmation email that will be automatically sent to you in order to complete your registration. (This is for your protection so nobody can register you for stuff you don’t want.) Please make sure it doesn’t end up in your spam blocker. It should be from FeedBlitz[at]mail.feedblitz.com with the subject line “[FeedBlitz] Confirm your registration to FeedBlitz.com account services”.

You can also use RSS. Our feed URL is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/OurGenericBlog. If this is complete gibberish to you, stick with the email version ;-)

By the way, does anyone else other than Greg have a blog and/or personal web site?


2 Responses to “Get Blog Updates By Email”

  1. Anonymous Says:
    I did a secret blog experiment last year. I kept at it for a few months, waiting to see if anyone would randomly stumble upon it. No one did.
  2. Tim Says:

    You added the comment as ‘Anonymous’, so I don’t know who said that.

    Anyway, your blog will probably not be found by anyone randomly wandering around the web, though there is always a chance it could happen…but not often enough to gain a large readership. I started our blog primarily for family and friends, so I remind them all about it ocasionally because most people forget. If you want a wider audience to read your blog, you need to ‘market’ it to that audience as well. There are a number of ways to do that. If your blog has a specific theme, try making posts that reference (using hyperlinks) other blog posts and articles related to your theme. Those blog/web authors will often be notified that someone linked to their site and they might read your post (using Technorati and similar services). If your blog has useful informaation and you do this with enough sites, you might get people referencing your blog as well. You can also put posts in discussion forums that relate to your interests with links to specific posts in your blog that relate to the particular discussion forum topic threads. DON’T spam forums or you’r be banned from them. Make sure your blog posts add value to the discussions. If you do want a wide audience to read your blog or come to your web site, it really is a lot of work to get traffic coming. If your site really is entertaining or full of value-adding content, word-of-mouth will help keep the momentum going, but you still need to keep marketing. Also, you need to post regularly to your blog if you want to keep readers coming. If you stop or slow down, people will jump ship. Anyway, hope that helps.

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