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May 2009
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Good Memories
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Posted by: Tim @ 9:44 am

While I was listening to c|net’s Buzz Out Loud podcast yesterday, I heard a story about a certain Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Brazil blocking YouTube.  I thought I heard them mention an artist I have not thought about in a while: Daniela Mercury.  So I headed over to YouTube to look for some of her music videos…

Back in 1993, one of my good friends from high school - Ray - was teaching English-speaking students in Montevideo, Uruguay.  I went down to visit him for 2 weeks and had a fantastic time.  We even spent 4-5 days in a beautiful coastal town named Pelorinho near Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (check out these YouTube videos of Pelorinho).  It was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I went.

While there, Ray told me about this Brazilian musical artist that was pretty popular and he played her latest CD for me (O Canta da Cidade).  I loved it!  So, I had to buy it before I returned to the States.  I listened to it quite a bit after returning.

The first 2 Daniela Mercury music videos I found on YouTube were songs from that album.  It really brought back memories and an emotional nastalgic tug at my heart.  It had been a while since I listened to that CD.

I emailed the links to Ray and within minutes, he gave me a call by instant message (IM) thanking me for the videos.  He said it really gave him a “pick-me-up” during a trying day at work.

I could not stop thinking about the music and the fun I had on my trip.  So, this morning I played almost the entire CD with James on my lap.  I had the lyrics sheet out and tried to sing along.  I can’t sing very well and my Portugeuse pronunciation…well…needs a little help.  Usually James does not want to sit still for so long, but he sat quietly in my lap until the second to last song.

I played that CD this morning for two reasons.  First, I wanted to hear that beautiful Brazilian music once again.  And second, I want James to experience different cultures from around the world starting at this early age.  And what better way to start than through music!

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