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May 2009
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Product Review: Kidco Model G70 HearthGate
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Posted by: Tim @ 6:14 pm

Hearthgate G70 Installation With 24-inch ExtensionWe recently purchased the Kidco Model G70 HearthGate with 24-inch extentions to keep our young son from getting burned by our wood stove.  The G70 consists of five interchangeable 24-inch segments including a gate door.

I was immediately impressed by the ease with which the five G70 segments and any extensions can be moved, added or removed. Before I opened the box, I was worried that we’d only be able to stick one extension on each end of the G70 and that the gate door segment could not be moved.  That worry was quickly quashed.  The extensions are identical to the standard (non gate door) segments of the G70.

Our living room has about an inch or more in thickness of baseboard (wood strips, not heaters) along the wall, keeping the gate from coming right up to the wall.  I was pleasantly suprised that the hardware used to anchor the gate to the wall takes that into account.  That made make it easy to attach to the wall without having to add spacers.

The only tool you will need is a philips screwdriver and possibly a flat-head screwdriver.  The philips is used to attach the anchoring hardware, but there is a tab and slot mechanism in the anchoring hardware that is difficult to manipulate by hand.  That’s where the flat-head screwdriver comes in handy.

Self-tapping drywall anchorsWe used self-tapping drywall anchors to anchor the gate to the wall.  This made it very quick and easy.

The gate operates easily for me, though I find I do usually need to gently push it down to make it latch fully after closing it. Our son is only a few months old, so he is not able to operate it yet.  Hopefully that will remain true next winter as well.

Disclaimer: Please read all instructions, safety information and other documentation for this product before installation.  Only you can decide whether this product will work for your unique situation.


Installing self-tapping drywall anchor

G70 Wall-mounting bracket

G70 gate mounted to wall

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