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May 2009
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Independence Day Weekend Update
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Man, I’m not good at these regular updates. Gah!

Anyway, here’s a rundown of this past weekend’s happenings…

I finished another Star Wars novel: The Courtship of Princess Leia, by Dave Wolverton. It was a pretty cool story. I’m also well into the next novel (Part 1 of the Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn).

I did a bunch of yard work Sunday. I mowed the lawn, pulled some weeds from the front walk, and attacked a massive infestation of bittersweet vines on the edge of our yard. While doing that, I pulled a little stunt that I wish someone caught on film. It was worthy of Americas Funniest Videos. While tugging very hard on a tangle of bittersweet vines and stepping backwards, I tripped over a large planter box that I completely forgot was behind me! I went flying over backward, right over the planter box. Then I lay on the ground laughing for about 20 seconds before getting up. Too bad nobody saw it, cuz I bet it looked funny as hell!

We had a barbecue at our house on Sunday. My parents and Sharon’s parents all came, as did my brother’s wife Kim and their baby daughter, Abbigail. After a minor encounter with both hornet and wasp nests underneath the grill, we had a yummy dinner. Nobody got stung, though a really pissed off wasp chased me around the yard for a while. We kept Abbigail at a safe distance while the pest purge was underway.

At dusk, we all drove down to the beach on the lake right down the street. We witnessed a beautiful sunset over the lake and then folks all around the lake, including right on the beach, began setting off fireworks. Abbigail really enjoyed that!

On Monday, our very cool next-door neighbors (Steve and Florence) were having a BBQ with their extended family. They had a ton of food, so they gave us a couple plates so Sharon and I had dinner. Then they called and invited us over for dessert! It was nice to sit and visit with them on their deck for the first time this summer.

And…Sharon’s brother Mario called at around 2 AM this morning with great news! At 12:37 AM, he and Valerie had their baby boy, Boden Crockett! I hope I spelled that right. Anyway, congratulations!!!


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