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May 2009
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James’ First Real Boo Boo
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Posted by: Tim @ 9:11 pm

Well, this morning started off OK. Until James fell and bashed his face on a sharp edge of the wooden futon leg. He hit the edge right at the eye socket ridge above his eye, so it split right open and started bleeding. Poor little guy.  It musta really hurt.

So, we missed mass because we had to go to the doctor’s office since it was a pretty good gash. Fortunately, he didn’t need stitches. That would have really been a boat load of fun.  But it’ll probably take a week to heal up. And it may leave a scar. Figures it was his face that got cut and not like his foot or something that you normally don’t see.

We figure at least this will give him a few years to think up a good battle story to explain the scar (if he ends up with one).  Something a little more interesting and exciting than, “Oh that. Yeah. See, I fell and hit my face on the futon.” That story just doesn’t impress anyone.

At least he’s young and he’ll heal.  I still feel like a putz since it happened on my watch.  But he’s resilient.  It won’t kill him or cause permanent harm.  Heck, when I was his age (or maybe younger), I jerked myself right off my mom’s lap and fell headfirst onto a concrete floor, fracturing my skull. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “well that explains a lot”.  Ha ha. It didn’t kill me or cause any lasting damage (though I’m sure my Mom was pretty shook up!). And that was only the first of three good head injuries I suffered as a child - the third causing a really fun concussion.  And speaking of childhood head injuries, my brother fell about six feet headfirst off a deck onto a rock when he was about 2-3 (a good start to our vacation…we had literally just arrived at the camp). His injury didn’t kill him or cause lasting damage  either.  So I guess this little boo boo isn’t too bad when put into that perspective.

Anyway. After we got back from the doctor’s and ate lunch, James went down for a nap and I spent 26 hours (well it seemed like that long) assembling our new gas grill in the blazing afternoon sun. Next time I’m getting one already assembled.

We had my parents up for dinner tonight to break in the grill.  They’re going away on vacation for a few weeks pretty soon, so we wanted to visit before they go. After dinner we went for ice cream down the street (the ginger ice cream with orange sherbet was delicious!).

So we’re winding down now. It was nice having off since the Fourth. Ugh! Tomorrow is Monday!

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