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Gateway GM5478…Hardware Problems
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Posted by: Tim @ 10:32 pm

I recently purchased a Gateway GM5478 - a PC that has pretty much everything I want:

This sucker is fast. It’s been great. But then…about a month after I bought this GM5478, it started having some hardware problems. Every once in a while (or many times a day depending on its mood), the GM5478’s power supply fan instantly speeds up to about a bazillion RPM and makes me just about crap my pants - it’s pretty damn loud. After several seconds, it automatically reboots.  Thank God at least Firefox has a restore session feature since I usually have about 10-20 tabs open.  A little Googling uncovered several other people with the same problem, including this guy who ran into the problem after only 3 weeks.  This is total BS.  You cannot tell me that this failure was not uncovered during product testing. And if not, the quality of Gateway’s product testing is pretty pathetic.

About a month after this fun power supply problem, my keyboard died. Either that or it was my keyboard interface inside the PC.  Thankfully I have an extra USB keyboard.

To add to this mess, I have been extremely busy at work, so just have not had time to deal with Gateway. This really pisses me off. It’s too bad, because the functionality of the GM5478 is pretty good.

[Correction: The problem is actually with the CPU cooling fan, not the power supply fan. In the comments to this post there are a number of links to discussion forums that discuss the problem in greater detail.]

[Update: Here are some useful links from the comments below:

Hopefully these resources help you as well.  Also, please post comments on any additional resources you have found and any successes or failures you’ve had in resolving this issue.  Thanks!]

[Update: Here’s a new post regarding my status so far (as of Feb 15, 2008).]

122 Responses to “Gateway GM5478…Hardware Problems”

  1. David Says:
    Hey I have same comp with same problem, EXACTLY…. Called gateway and was told to comp back to bestbuy. I did not want to pay full price fo “refurbished” computer. There is no way that gateway did not know about this problem. I say we start a petition for either a replacement with similar “newer model” or full refund. P.S. BestBuy return policy is 14days…. thats B.S…………… I’m going to spread this to some other post and try to get this going, let me know…. Any suggestions?
  2. Steve Says:
    There’s lots of people that have been experiencing this (myself included). Here’s another link http://www.castlecops.com/p1005349-not_so_random_vista_32bit_restarts.html in case there’s something you recognize that might help us all solve this annoying problem!
  3. Kelly Says:
    I bought two of these computers, GM5478, a month and a half ago, and am having the same issue as you with both the computers. Have taken them for service 4 times between both computers and retail store where I purchased will not refund or exchange and says they don’t know what else to fix on them (they have changed RAM & updated some drivers, said they could not reproduce the problem). Called Gateway today 10/15/07 and they said to ship to them and they will repair, said they thought it was an overheating issue. I have read where many other people are having the same problem but can find nothing where anyone states they have taken the computer for repair and what they did, or sent the thing back to Gateway. I agree with you, very frustrating, and wondering if this model is just defective all around.
  4. Tim Says:
    I started a discussion thread about this on the c|net forums: http://forums.cnet.com/5208-4_102-0.html?forumID=68&threadID=269432&messageID=2615613
  5. Vance Says:
    Same problem here. I picked up Gateway because I didn’t have the time to build a new machine and didn’t feel like waiting for a Dell to ship. Looks like that may have been a big mistake. I’m getting the random-reboot problem here too. I doubt it’s an overheating issue - more likely something to do with the hardware combination Gateway has in these machines. My guess is Gateway will simply give everyone the run-around on this. I already called them once and when I discussed the problem with the tech, she tried to _sell_ me more warrenty coverage. I have to admit, that’s something I haden’t seen before.
  6. Jim Says:
    I have had a GM5478 since Aug 2007. IT HAS BEEN PERFECT! I have even put in a Nividia 8800GTX 640 MB video card, a RAZOR Barracuda Gaming sound card, and an ANTEC 430W Power supply, this thing screams! I play ALL most recent games maxed out and FPS averaging 65 to 80! I will tell you a secret. Buy it at Best Buy, buy the 3 yr warranty $160.00 I think, so over 1/2 of you would have gotten a NEW computer after the 3rd time they didit fix it. Even if you upgrade as I have, it has no bearing on the warranty plan from best buy. Now, I just recently did all of this, the first 3 mos was totally problem free. I also put in 2 cooling fans to help cool it because the cooling is bad, and the case is small. I have built a few computers years ago, and for what your getting for the price its not too bad, IF it works of course. I guess I’ve been lucky, and got one of the good ones? This is my 2nd Gateway in 4 years, and have very good luck with them, and they are both running very well. If you need any help feel free to ask and I will see if maybe I have an answer for you, or try to offer suggestions here. NO I DO NOT WORK FOR, OR OWN STOCK IN GATEWAY, just am a satisfied customer.
  7. A Says:
    It isn’t a Gateway specific problem, it is an Intel problem as per this link: http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2265635&SiteID=17 and this one: http://www.castlecops.com/p1010228-not_so_random_vista_32bit_restarts.html It also seems to be happening on linux system running V1SDIE and homebuilt systems. I have had my Gateway GM5478 for several months and have not had this problem as I tweaked my BIOS (knock on wood). Go to these forums and actualy read them before you complain so much.
  8. Allie Says:
    http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21579&uid=177455103 Above is new BIOS from Gatewa; and Intel also put out new BIOS update which fixes the problem for other boards.
  9. Joe Says:
    I started having the above issue about week ago, last night the computer shut down a dozen times after the fan went nuts. I just went to BEST BUY to return the computer but I am 34 days out and would have had to return the computer within 14 days. They shipped it back to Gateway 3-4 weeks without a computer..damm, but to my old laptop. Does anyone know what GATEWAY will do to it..what is the fix that they are doing? Will they replace it? Thanks for any info of how GATEWAY handles the issue.
  10. Tim Says:
    Thanks to everyone for your comments! It’s good to see not only that I’m not alone here, but also that there is some help out there - if not from Gateway, at least from the user community. The restart problem has actually ceased for a week or two, which has been nice. But, I just installed the latest BIOS update a few minutes ago. We’ll see how that works.
  11. Tim Says:
    Annnnd…we just had another auto-restart just a day after upgrading the BIOS. Nice. Also, I assume this is related: after I updated the BIOS, iTunes said my PC was not authorized. So I’m guessing you should de-authorize iTunes before doing the BIOS update and then re-authorize after since you only get 5 authorized computers allowed. That’s assuming the BIOS update was the culprit. I don’t know enough about it to say for sure.
  12. Tim Says:
    Just to follow up…after making my previous comment, I changed my BIOS settings for the fan control. I changed Processor Zone Response from ‘normal’ to ‘aggressive’. So far (knock on wood) I have not had any restarts after making that BIOS setting change.
  13. Anonymous Says:
    I e-mailed Gateway and they sent me to this page: http://support.gateway.com/s/Checklists/Q42006/ck2006110919.shtml
  14. steve hudson Says:
    i have just run across this blog and as well i having this issue. i am on tech chat as i type with gateway and the techgeek is telling me that there is no report issue about this. mine does this once a months or so and then goes into hybernation for a while. im not tech savy so i have no choice but to take it back to bestbuy? why so they can jsut tell me “well we here at the geek squad were not able to generate the same issue so nothing will be fixed under warrany.” so what is the line of defense for a guy like myself. take it as it is and live with it? should i buy a new psu and install that instead?
  15. Tim Says:
    I looked at the Gateway checklist above. There are some good general troubleshooting tips there, but I am pretty sure these will not solve the problem most of us are seeing. Still, they are good things to keep in mind in general, so thanks to whoever submitted that comment.

    Steve, if the tech person at Gateway is saying it’s an unreported issue, he’s full of it. Just read the comments here and in the forums mentioned above where a bunch of people said they have spoken to Gateway and reported the issue. Gateway either has an inefficient support infrastructure (i.e., not documenting reported issues or not leveraging reported issues internally) or is trying to ignore the issue and hope it goes away. You may want to refer the tech support folks to the forums and even this blog post so they can read it themselves.

    I’d recommend looking at the Gateway support site to see whether you have the latest version of the BIOS or not. If you do need to upgrade your BIOS, it’s actually pretty easy, even for a non-technical person. You just need to make sure you read and follow the instructions provided. Also, you may want to adjust the BIOS settings as I did (see #12 comment above). I did the BIOS upgrade and settings change a few weeks ago and have not had a restart since. Hopefully that did the trick.  If you are not comfortable messing with your BIOS, however, I’d recommend asking someone who is able to do it for you.  Otherwise, you can mess things up pretty good :-D

    Of course another option is to return the PC to Best Buy for a refund and buy a different PC, but you only have like 14 days or 30 days or something like that.
  16. Tim Says:
    OK, I just searched on Gateway’s support site and found a support document for this exact issue.
  17. Brian Says:
    The BIOS fix did not fix the problem on my machine. The recommended BIOS settings I’ve found did not fix the problem. Just for completeness, I also replaced the original power supply on the unit with an Antec TruPower Trio 550, which of course didn’t fix the problem. These shutdowns are often so intermittent that it’s easy for the powers that be (Gateway, Intel, Microsoft) to try to look the other way. We need to find a way to escalate the issue in their minds.
  18. Brian Says:
    Just a thought. I’m posting the EventLog times of my crashes. Might there be cross-machine patterns? 2007-12-03 14:33:27 2007-11-09 21:44:01 2007-10-13 18:00:38 2007-10-12 21:01:59 2007-09-27 13:31:57 2007-09-10 20:12:59 2007-09-10 19:12:58 2007-08-19 02:01:05 Anyone see a relation to their crashes? I know it’s unlikely, but it only costs a few lines of text.
  19. Jim Says:
    I think this issue is NOT PSU related, but the cooling fan on the Processor. I took my side off, and when it went in to high speed crazy before it shut down, it was the fan on the CPU that was going nuts. Mine was fine for almost 4 mos running sweet, then today day, it did it 10 times in a row, on off, on off, never even getting to the splash screen, and all I did was turn it on! I unplugged it, reset the on off switch, plugged it back in and its been 5 hrs no problem?? Who knows, I also have already done the flash bios 3 weeks ago when it first came out, so that does not fix it either!
  20. Tim Says:
    (sigh) PC did the auto-reboot thing again. This is getting old.
  21. Tim Says:
    Hi Jim, you’re correct. I mis-understood the problem at first. It’s the CPU fan, not the power supply. Maybe I should correct the original post ;-)
  22. steve hudson Says:
    is this something that maybe time of month has to do with it? mine has been fine all month long and then yesterday it did this twice. seems like the first week of every month it goes through this for a couple of days then it is fine. now you say it is cpu fan. would changing the cpu fan solve the issue possibly? im not looking forward to tearing into this but that is something i feel i can do myself and not have to go back to best buy to get it fixed.
  23. Brian Says:
    I have the GT5628 and I have the same problem. Just like everyone else it reboots every 45 to 60 min. I have noticed if I leave my computer off for a couple of days it takes a while for it to start happening. I have always left my computers on 24/7, so this is not the best senerio. It does not matter if you have a load on the computer or not, It could be sitting idle for 3 days and just start rebooting. The first time it did it, I could hear the windows logon over and over again while I was sleeping. I have speedfan installed Core 2 is the only one that gets hot the other 3 seem fine. Core 2 does not get warm enough to cause any concern about damage.
  24. Don Says:
    I have the same problem with intermittent shut downs. I also cannot put mine in the sleep mode. It will not go automatically go into the sleep mode, but if I put it in the sleep mode you cannot turn it back on, unless you unplug the computer and plug back in. Gateway has some real issues with this computer. I finally got them to replace with another CPU. We will see. The only other course of action is legal.
  25. Jim Says:
    So far its been 2 days no problems with what I did in my previous post (see above). Tim, yeah I would just to help keep things straight. s
  26. Tim Says:
    I was leaving my PC up 24/7, but when I did that, the frequency of reboots increased. Now I put it into sleep mode at night. If I have anything scheduled to record with Windows Media Center, the PC will come out of sleep in time to record. But the reboots seemed to decrease. But…the problem did seem to come and go regardless. I’d go a few weeks with no reboots and then all of a sudden have a whole bunch every day for a few days.

    Regarding sleep & hibernate modes…a few times I tried to “sleep” or “hibernate” but while the PC was attempting to enter either of those states, the CPU fan cranked up and the PC just hung in that state. I had to pull out the power cord each time that happened.

    I don’t know whether this whole thing is a hardware issue or a firmware issue. I don’t know whether replacing the CPU fan will do any good or not.
  27. Don Says:
    Follow-up to 12/8/07 blog. My hopes for another CPU were quickly put to rest. It is Gateways policy for you to return the broken CPU before they will send another. It seems they cannot trust anyone. Can you really trust Gateway?
  28. Matt Says:
    I had this happen recently to me (6 months after buying) and i think ive come up with one reason why it does it. (Card jaming flaw!) and PSU flaw. 1st move the tv tuner card down a slot. Where they put it at the factory is far to close and does not allow the heat to escape causing a progressive temp spike. On top of that (after doing a voltage test) when the fan goes into its screaming spin up, the power spikes over the psu max. (even at low speed test showed 403w take from a 400 watt.) I called gateway and got a replacement 8500gt card and replaced the PSU myself. Havent had 1 reboot problem since. Hope this helps.
  29. Tim Says:
    Thanks Matt! Good detective work there :-) Hopefully that did the trick. What wattage power supply did you install? And why did you need to replace the graphics card? How long ago did you do this fix?
  30. Tim Says:
    OK folks, I just had 2 restarts about an hour apart today. First at ~4:25 PM and second ~5:25 PM. Tim is not happy. Looks like I may need to look into Matt’s solution.
  31. Stacey Luallen Says:
    I have had the same problem. I bought the computer 11/15/07 from Best Buy and in one week it was making a very loud fan noise and then shutting down and rebooting. I took it back to Geek Squad and they said they couldn’t make it do the same thing. Worked fine for one week after I brought it home, and now it shuts down the same way every 45 minutes. I want a swift resolution and if I do not get one I will speak with my attorney about a class action lawsuit.
  32. Ned Says:
    We have the same problem on out Gateway 5478. Sent in to Gateway twice. They changed motherboard and PSU (or at least Best Buy said they did), but now do not acknowledge that they have even touched it. It seems that the issue is not really temperature related as Matt’s solution implies. One wouldn’t get temperature spikes driving over a threshold every hour within one minute of one another. On the other hand, overdriving the wattage on the PSU when the fan speeds up could do it. The reason for fan speed up seems like it would be more related to a clock-driven issue.
  33. BrianR Says:
    Since we have (at least) two Brians posting, I am now BrianR. I’ve done the move of the tv card. My due date for shutdown, assuming it holds to 21 days, is the day after Christmas, so I may know soon. Notes: the computer shut down immediately after pressing the power button the first time. I’ve seen this kind of behavior before, I think, even in other computers, so it’s probably not a biggie. Tried again and it worked. With the tv card moved one slot down, the system noise level seems significantly lower. Hmm, maybe the original configuration was stressing the video card fan? I’m a skeptic on whether the tv card move will help - the periodic nature of the interrupts suggests some other issue. But it’s easy and it may well be wise in spite of the nature of our troubles with this machine. Another option which I considered was just leaving the tv card out entirely, since I don’t use it (at least knowingly). That might be my next move if the sudden shutdowns continue. I love this machine, other than the shutdowns, and really want to get it working perfectly. I’ll post after my next crash, or in a week or so, if it doesn’t crash.
  34. BrianR Says:
    Whoops, the crash date would be today, not the day after Christmas. One other thing: I changed the fan recognition to “Never” in the BIOS after my last crash. Who knows?
  35. Scott B. Says:
    I bought my GM5478 from CompUSA. Same problem. I have modified the original configuration slightly by adding 2GB RAM (4GB total) and a second 500GB SATA drive (set up in RAID 1 configuration). I had the fan+reset before these upgrades and after. Last weekend I took Matt’s advice (above) and replaced the stock power supply (I bought a Cooler Master 600w from Compusa - 20% off - all stores closing) and moved the tuner card down to be further away from the video card. At this point my system has run for 1 day and 3 hours (no real milestone there). I will update this blog again in a few days and let everyone know if it continues to run or resets.
  36. Scott B. Says:
    My system has now run for 4 days (still not a major milestone, but a good sign). More to come…
  37. Mike Says:
    i have not bought my computer yet, but i was considering buying the GT5628 model. I have heard alot about this issue of overheating, shut-downs, and reboots. I spent about an hour reading all of the previous comments and i have been taken notes of them all to present to the retailer as concerns to see what they say. I know this is the first time i have submitted here, but i want to say thanks to all of you for issues and solutions to consider if the same problems happen to me. Thanks.
  38. steve hudson Says:
    well today was a bad day for me. seem like every time i walked by the pc i heard it whack out. i put a kitchen timer on it at one point today and it would go out on the half hour within 5 minutes for roughly 3 hours. isee someone say thay went with a new psu. i am thinking of going this route as i am tired of it doing this. is psu replacement simple enough for someone who has not done pc work to do? i also would like to do something about the tuner card but do not use it. so if not in use can i just get rid of it and have nothing in its place? thanks guys steve
  39. Jeff Says:
    I’ve got a 5478 as well and have been having the same problems, except that I run Linux (Fedora), not vista. I’ve upgraded the bios, twiddled the bios settings back and forth per the recommendations here (and elsewhere). I’ve removed the TV tuner and modem card and yet this POS still spontaneously reboots and once the reboot cycles start, they’re like clockwork every hour. What was awful scary was one evening the damn thing wouldn’t even run long enough to survive a power-on-self-test. Gateway’s response is still “upgrade the bios”, umm, if that doesn’t work then we need to escalate. Seems that by now they’d already know the bios update is not sufficient to solve this problem. I’m supposed to get a call from the tech weenies on Tuesday. I’m hopeful, but not expecting things to get better. My first and last gateway product. Jeff
  40. Scott B. Says:
    After almost 7 days, I got a reset. I think I am done messing with this thing. I bought a Macbook Pro on ebay last night. Time to dump the PC.
  41. Jim Says:
    OK so far its been 40 days NO PROBLEMS after I unplugged power cord, turn power switch on to discharge the PC, then plugged it back in. I also went to Intel’s site since it is an Intel MOBO built for Gateway, found the DG33TL which I believe is the same “model” I have, and I took a chance and used INTEL’S BIOS, because I have always had to hit the power switch 2 times to get it to start. The Dec 07 BIOS update for the INTEL board CORRECTS this problem. Well, it DID and also 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after I did the upgrade, no more problems. I would be very careful about using a POSSIBLE wrong BIOS, but we have the g33 chip set, and this BIOS is for the G33/G31, so I took the chance. Machine even works faster. Maybe Gateway will have an updated BIOS soon to include my problem with the power switch as well. DO I recommend this? NO! I am sure it may void your warranty, but not sure. Can you try it and go back? yes if you know how. Good Luck!
  42. Tim Says:
    Scott: Thanks for the updates. Bummer that the fixes Matt tried didn’t resolve the issue :-( ———————————–
    Mike: I hope this info helps with your purchase. Just be aware that the folks at the store may be evasive or may not be as forthcoming as they should be.
    Steve: I think the PSU replacement is fairly easy. I have never added a new PSU, but I think it just comprises a few screws and a few cable harness connections. My guess is that the PSU has the cable harness connections already made and you just need to connect them to the motherboard and each drive (hard disk, CD/DVD, etc. If I’m wrong, hopefully someone else will chime in ;-)

    As far as the TV tuner card, I think you can just remove it if you don’t plan on using it. But, any apps that require it (such as Windows Media Center) may complain if you try to run them without the tuner.
    Jeff: Eesh! That doesn’t sound good! This was also my first Gateway purchase and it does not fill me with confidence in Gateway.
    Jim: Thanks for the BIOS upgrade info. It would be nice if Gateway/Intel came up with a fix for this.
  43. alanw Says:
    I’d just like to say that I have a gt5628 and I have the same problems. restart every hour after being on for many continuous days (usually needs to be greater than 7 days). the only want to get it to stop is to futz around with drivers or unplug the machine overnight. System recover works too for a while. it’s ridiculous. Frankly, I don’t know what to do. It takes so long to “try” anything….
  44. Sven M Says:
    Got this computer 27th of November, 2007. Had no problems. Got back to the office today after the New Year (as of Thursday 27th of December it was working with no problems) and have had two restarts (I think 3 because my email client/messengers were closed after lunch). I’m trying to see if I can reproduce it. They seemed to be hourly restarts so far.
  45. Tim H Says:
    Okay, so gateways tech support is no help… after telling them that I’d already done the bios update, his only idea was to reinstall windows… idiots… where do i go from here? tried the fan thing, also bios, what else…?
  46. Mike Says:
    i’ve done more research and found that the GM5632E model seems to be better than the GT5628. Cnet gave it its editor’s choice seal and the one review there gave it a rate of nine out of ten in october 2007, but other reviews explained of similar issues with the GM5632E as the GT5628…a.k.a. the now clicheic fan revs and restarts/reboots. Not to mention the GM5632E is a bit more expensive…i guess that’s the price or alittle more reliability…gateway need to reform.
  47. mark Says:
    I have the same problem too. I call gateway and they act as if this is new to them and tell me to call best buy. I take it to best buy and they say nothing is wrong with the hardware then bring it home. About a week later it starts doing it again only this time about 10 times that day. I left it off for awhile and didn’t have the problem for awhile. I was worried so called gateway again. They said call best buy, so I did. I asked best buy, what are you going to do if your tests say the pc is alright even though it keeps re-booting. They said they would ship it to Gateway. So, they are trying to send me in circles and I am over the time to be able to get a refund. It seems to not be so bad when the room is under 70 degrees F, so I’m thinking it’s a cooling issue. The graphics can’t handle games like crysis on high settings, but for everything else it’s a great pc. I can convert 2 videos at once while watching tv on wmc. Still, the fact that it re-boots all the time is not worth it. Sorry to blab on, but it this doesn’t get resolved what are the chances of sue-ing for a re-call?
  48. Scott B. Says:
    For grins I installed the Intel chipset firmware Jim mentions above (DG33TL). The Macbook Pro I bought on Ebay hasn’t arrived yet, so I figured I will continue to fiddle with this thing. I have also concluded that I don’t really want a laptop, so I will likely resell the Macbook and look for a good deal on a 24″ iMac (which is what I had before I bought this Gateway). So my newly flashed firmwared system has been up for a whopping 8.5 hours so far….
  49. Jim Says:
    Ok Update, So far its been what, 20 days? no problems. I used the INTEL BIOS update for the DG33TL Intel MOBO. I do NOT believe there is anything wrong with the PSU, or fans or CPU on the GM5478. I used it (GM5478) to mod because it was cheap. I think the entire problem is in the BIOS, or with INTEL who made the MOBO. I have since added a 700W PSU (only for my modding), another cooling fan (2) and a very high end graphics card Nividia 8800GTS 640MB. All of this would tax the CPU and MOBO with crysis and it runs fine! Try to get Gateway to let you use Intel’s BIOS, as I did, and so far NO PROBLEMS I also changed my RAM to PC 6400 800mhz 4 gig, it is Quite the gaming PC now. I cannot tell you this was the problem but I also found out that INTEL did remove some kind of “fan sensor” in the BIOS that I have, and I am not sure if they did the same thing in the last BIOS update from Gateway. I believe they did, but there more to this BIOS problem then just the fan sensor. I will keep checking back to see what else I can tell you guys and keep you updated. Good Luck!
  50. BrianR Says:
    I’m now at 35 days without a shutdown, knock on wood. I put in a beefier power supply and upgraded the BIOS to Gateway’s latest, neither stopped the problem. Since the last crash, I’ve turned off automatic hibernation in Vista, turned off fan detection in the BIOS, moved the TV card one slot down, and never run the PC for more than about four hours without giving it an hour or so of downtime. Did any of these work? Maybe, but I still fear hearing that evil roar. Good luck to you all!
  51. Chris C Says:
    Well guys I got fed up with the GM5478 I sent it into Gateway they sent it back two days later. They replaced the DVD drive and the Modem. What the heck were they thinking. Well I booted it up and tried to shut it down and the same problem I had before came up again. So another call to Gateway and off the computer goes again. Took a month to get it back this time. Well they replaced it with a Refurbished Computer. I was not happy with that. Took three weeks and well the Refurbished unit started the Fan rev and shut down thing. So I tried the bios update as listed above. Well that seemed to work however I couldn’t get around the AA thing that pops up that requires you to hit the enter key during boot. It appears that the bios that is for the DG33TL on Intel’s site is not 100% compatible with the Gateway mobo. So note to people that try this you will have to hit the Enter key to get the computer to boot every time if you use the Intel Bios. So I got to figuring I would just go out and Buy the DG33TL Motherboard. This motherboard is a plug to plug match to ours in the Gateway. I did and the computer has been running non stop for 2 weeks with absoultly no problems. I am running the latest bios from Intel. Hope this helps. Seems Gateway needs to get with Intel and update the bios on there site to a even newer version than they have. As far as Gateway goes Never EVER AGAIN they are they have the worst customer service I have ever seen.
  52. Jamey Says:
    Wow. It’s amazing reading this thread and realizing all of you have had the same issues as me. I started noticing the issue when I turnwed on my computer and it would not start up the first time I pushed the power button, only the second. Then, i noticed when it didn’t do that it would die every hour on the hour like clock work. Same symptoms as you guys, CPU fans would spin up and then the box would turn off after about 4 seconds. Gateway claims they have no clue what it is but after goolging the issue I realized that there were thousands out there with the same issue that I was experiencing. I hear a lot of ideas on this site, but no definative answer as to what the fix is. For the record, I don’t have a TV tuner on my GT5628. I’m in a tough spot here because I do have a warranty through Best Buy but I would have to reinstall Vista (yuk) because the first thing I did was install XP on this computer when I got it (finding the XP drivers for this thing was a chore). Anyway, please keep the updates coming!
  53. Tim Says:
    Hi Chris C., I think one of the forums I mention in the “Update” of my original post has a user that did an Intel BIOS upgrade like you mentioned. I think it was the Microsoft forum. Anyway, the AA message is because Gateway customizes the motherboard or something like that and the Intel BIOS knows there is a difference in the hardware. Also, I think the Intel BIOS removed support for the fan monitoring feature that has been causing all this grief. Gateway’s BIOS has apparently not yet removed support for that feature (I don’t remember exactly what it is) and that seems to be the key to the problem.
  54. Joe in NY Says:
    GW5268 - I had upgraded video card and added a second hard drive - so I upgraded P/S first to my old computers 500w (which didnt work so well and maybe explains why old computer died in first place). Then upgrade to new 650W. No change in behaviour. I changed BIOS settings to High/Aggressive - no change. I tried BIOS update from Gateway, but I was current already. I installed speedfan and monitored temp - not really hot. I changed hibernate to Never- no more problems for 2 weeks now. (BIOS settings are still High/Aggressive too).
  55. Tim Says:
    Just an update…my last spontaneous restart was December 14th. The only things that changed are: (1) I was on vacation for 2.5 weeks starting Dec 14 and didn’t use my PC much during that time, and (2) I now set my PC to sleep or hibernate any time I’ll be away for more than an hour or so.
  56. Anonymous Says:
    Well guys, I’m glad that the Intel BIOS update I posted has helped for some. Chris thanks for mentioning the “AA” when you boot up and hitting the enter key, as I totally forgot to mention that. Alsp glad to hear that you actually bought the DG33TL and it is such a match. Maybe someone can post the work Chris and I have posted here to the other places where they are having problems with these computers. I don’t have the links anymore to the other postings. As of now its been (after recounting the days)good since Dec 6, and the BIOS update was done on Dec 31. SO, lets keep our collective fingers crossed.
  57. Michael Says:
    So we bought two of these computers, the first time it restarted was on my computer maybe 2 weeks after turning it on.. the second computer started doing it about 2 weeks after i set that up which was like 2 days later then mine.. well i had my friend come over who is a tech guy.. it wouldn’t restart for him so he had no idea, then as soon as the other one did it he did some digging and found this site.. and we did a bios update for both computers and its now a week later from when i did that and my computer in my room just restarted.. im wondering whats up..
  58. Scott B. Says:
    To Chris C. I have already replaced my power supply and am having thoughts of replacing the motherboard like you did. I found this one on newegg.com, is this the right one? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813121315&Tpk=DG33TL%2bMotherboard FYI - I ultimately replaced my 5478 with a 24″ iMac, so I am thinking of giving the 5478 to the kids.
  59. Joe in NY Says:
    Reboot started again yesterday, so have taken the Intel bios update… :(
  60. alanw Says:
    new bios up at gateway http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21696&uid=184168162 Release Date: 1/16/2008
  61. Tim Says:
    Another unexpected restart at 5:29 PM. Immediately installed the latest BIOS from Gateway (see comment from alanw above). Hopefully that will finally do the trick.
  62. Michael Says:
    hopefully… right now im updating then im going to do the BIOS
  63. BrianR Says:
    I’m at 45 days without a reboot. I downloaded the BIOS upgrade a few hours ago and installed it. Hopefully, roaring restarts are a thing of the past.
  64. Anonymous Says:
    just updated the Bios. FWIW, my computer started up on the first go without me having to push the power button twice. Hopefully, that’s a good sign although in the past that usually signaled the return of the monthly roaring restarts. Fingers crossed.
  65. Chris C Says:
    Scott B yes that is the right motherboard. I did forget to mention one small thing. You will need a new keyboard and mouse or at the least and adaptor to make your keyboard and mouse a USB plug in. There is no standard keyboard and mouse hook ups on the DG33TL motherboard. Other than that the motherboard has been rock solid so far. We have been impressed with its performance. I left it running non stop for a week with no problems running at 88 to 99 percent on all four cores. I was converting Mpeg2 video to WMV. Using Roxio 10. Its good to see Gateway get on the ball and update a bios again. But for me well I am on another ship. One other thing for those that might swap motherboards. Your restore disk will not auto validate Microsoft vista over the net. You will have to enter the product code numbers on the back of the computer and call to get the Activation to work if you reinstall Vista. But it will work.
  66. Scott B. Says:
    I just applied the new Gateway BIOS as well. Of course now it doesn’t matter as much. I am using my aluminum 24″ iMac (just upgraded it to 4GB RAM - Oh look, it actually recognizes 4GB of RAM unlike my GM5478!). We will see how long the GM5478 goes with the new BIOS.
  67. BobV Says:
    I have been 3 days without a reboot and counting. Gateway indicated that it was important to reset the BIOS settings to default after installing the BIOS update. Bob
  68. BobV Says:
    4 days clean and then it started again…
  69. Bryan Says:
    I have had this PC, GM5478, since July 07 and only experienced this issue for the first time last night. Doing a quick search today I found this blog as well as a boat load of newsgroup articles. Wow, I can’t believe this is such a big problem. I think I will monitor the PC over the next couple of days and if it continues apply the latest Gateway BIOS update. I would have gone crazy by now if I had to deal with this as long as many of you have. I will report back with what happens. B
  70. George Burton Says:
    dude, I am experiencing the same problem with my GT5628. Thanks for posting all the info.
  71. alanw Says:
    my GT5628 has been on for 12 days 20h 2m 38s so far with the latest Gateway BIOS. …I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.
  72. DHilde Says:
    I cant believe i fell into this trap again. I had a Gateway laptop with this problem and thought i was avoiding it by my recent upgrade to the gt5628. Apparently not, so far i have recorded the fan spin up and shut down twice since 12/20/07 the second time i managed to catch it with the case open…was the heatsink fan…WTH is going on and how can we get gateway to admit this is a problem.
  73. John Says:
    I have a GT5628. I bought it back in oct and started having the problem two weeks later. After two months of dealing with bestbuy and the Geek squad they finaly gave me a new computer. It’s been two weeks and I now have the same problem with the new one. Can anyone say class action lawsuit.
  74. Tim Says:
    Hi DHilde and John,

    Gateway has acknowledged the issue and released a new BIOS earlier this month which they claim fixes this problem.

    The BIOS fix includes the GT5628 as well as the GM5478 (and others). Knock on wood, it has (so far) fixed the issue on my PC. We’ll see if it’s still fixed a month from now.
  75. MattK Says:
    I just installed the BIOS update that Tim posted. I have also had the same issues, with both Gateway(who are idiots as so many of you pointed out), and the GeekSquad(which is just as hopeless). I have spent many hours on the phone with Gateway, they wanted me to send it in. Who knows what would have happened there…get a refirb back as some of you had… So, here it is…hour #1, and no reboots…yet.
  76. Jim Says:
    For the record anonymous, This is Jim, I posted the IDEA of using the Intel Bios that Chris used, as well as the model number of the Intel equivalent Motherboard, as I was the first “guinea” pig to use it. Chris did mention the AA number, and it is an ID number each motherboard has assigned to them by the Bios to identify the board, almost like a model number. Since we (the ones who used Intel’s bios) the AA number of the GATEWAY “branded” motherboard is not present. Sometimes the BIOS can me modified, and if it bothers anyone, you can get any BIOS ID program to get your motherboards AA number, and can actually input it in the BIOS to remove that message. From what I have researched it will NOT affect the computer if you don’t, so it’s probably best to leave it alone and just hit the enter key when booting up. I have no problem if anyone wants to use any of my suggestions and post them anywhere they like to help others with this problem. I must admit, its been a PERFECT running computer since Dec 31, 2007 since I found the Intel Bios update. NO ISSUES at all. Its just a shame Gateway doesn’t read these posts and address it. It really is a very simple fix. I also ran prime95 and did a torture test on the cpu for 12 hours, and it ran perfectly, just a tad hot, but no errors no problems. This is a very heavy load on the CPU that 90% of people would NEVER put there computer through, so it would seem besides this problem Gateway actually has a decent computer a good price. NOTE this torture test was run with stock cooling, and a massive video card 880GTX Ultra which runs very hot, and a 750W PSU I had added. Even with all that heat, it performed well.Good Luck everyone
  77. Bryan Says:
    Ok, went back and checked my event log for error 6008. Seems I have had this a few more times than I thought. Only that one night 1/24 did I hear the fan roar and witness the shutdown and it happen multiple times in a row, while using the PC. All the other times over the past 8 months were single events which I didn’t witness. Not sure I can blame all these on this issue as I have children that use this PC sometimes and they just hit the power button to turn off and to correct issues. Lastly, I did have another one last night 1/31 and coincidently it coincides with when my youngest was using the PC. I have downloaded the BIOS update and am ready to pull the trigger should I need to. If anyone that has installed the new BIOS is still experiencing these problems please let us know. B
  78. Jim Says:
    If I may, here is another piece of friendly consumer advice if your willing to do this. Buy a Gateway from Best Buy, and get the 3 year warranty for $170.00. We all know something will go wrong with a Gateway. Take it to the Geek squad get it fixed, free under the warranty. After the 3rd fix, you get a NEW computer. They will give you the equivalent NEW (Best Buys warranty) not refurbished with the THEN CURRENT technology. My other computer was a Gateway, and I had the video card replaced (1) then had the motherboard replaced (2) then it still didn’t work so best buy sent it back but it COUNTS as another service call since it was not right (3 service calls). This happened in a 2 year period. Then the PSU went, so that was the (4) service call, and I got a brand new computer. I still have it and still have 9 mos left on the warranty. My daughter is using it now all new and much faster than the original. So far my GM5478 has only had this speed problem which I have taken care of as mentioned above. Some advice if you don’t mind going through a few times taking it in to the Geek Squad for repair, it’s one way to get new computer and save a little money and never have to pay for service for a small fee ($170.00) In other words. MAKE the Protection Plan work for YOU!
  79. MarioT Says:
    I have the Gateway GM5478, it sometimes will shut down by its self. But most of the time really good! vary Fast and really powerfull, although i plan on upgrade to the 8800 GT 512MB, but i have read i should also up grade the power suppply to at least 500Wats well now i am having problems with My TV turner, i took it to a diffent house for christmas break now brang it back and is now really bad signal!! bought new Coax cords but still horrible signal….Luckly i paid $250 for bestbuy parts and Labor extended warranty, I wanted to know if anyone had this problem? or has anyone also upgreaded there Video Card? and how did that go? will let know when i find out the problem with the TV turner.
  80. BrianR Says:
    Just to keep you all updated. My last roaring reboot was December 3 - 60 days. I’m still feeling more lucky than “fixed”, though.
  81. Jim Says:
    MarioT I also upgraded my PSU to 750W BUT, thats because I also upgraded my Video Card to the Nividia 8800GTX Ultra. It works wonderfully, but I removed the cone air duct over the CPU, then to blow fresh air right over the CPU fan, I just drilled two of the vent holes bigger then installed a 90 mm fan by putting in 2 screws very simple. It also adds more cool air for the video card. One thing I did notice, whenever you “install NEW or reinstall Video Drivers” you ALWAYS have to reinstall your TV Tuner card software from the recovery folder on your hard drive “D”. Thats also simple to do. That should take care of all of the tuner troubles. When you connect to another video source, it doesn’t know the signal format for some reason, and the fastest way to fix it is just reinstall the cards (tuner) software. Hope this helps! BTW still going strong with Bios from Intel almost 55 days now and not one problem, which includes playing Cry sis on almost FULL settings 4hours straight at times, Overclocekd the GPU as well, full fans going (added 2 of them) and just super!
  82. Dave Says:
    Jamey … Re: GT5628 and installing XP, and hints on drivers etc ? PLEASE ! I can’t install XP due to SATA issues. Thanks.
  83. alanw Says:
    my GT5628 has been on for 25 days 19h 10m 48s so far with the latest Gateway BIOS. I would vote that it’s solved with http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21696&uid=184168162 .
  84. MattK Says:
    Just an update.. The Gateway BIOS fix that was published here in the blog works. Running 12 days without any issues. Here are the links again. Docs http://support.gateway.com/s/issues/2-2554910588.shtml Update http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21696&uid=184168162 TY for all the help!!
  85. Roy Says:
    I can not begin to thank you enough for this blog. I have had problems since August and the weak squad er geek squad was no help. I finally opened my Gateway GM5478 and found out that the video card fan was burnt out. I got a horrible time with Bestbuy support when at last they said Gateway will send you a new card. I called gateway and they did send me a new card. Things worked well for one month then the fan zoom restarts started again. I checked the Video card and the fan on it was fine. I then found this forum and so I have applied the Gateway bios update. If that don’t work I will try the intel version and see if that does it. The link to the intel version is http://downloadcenter.intel.com/confirm.aspx?httpDown=http://downloadmirror.intel.com/15422/eng/DP0372P.BIO&agr=N&ProductID=2806&DwnldId=15422&strOSs=164&OSFullName=Windows%20Vista*%2032&lang=eng I’ll wait to see if the Gateway version fixes my problem or not. Again I can not thank you enough for this blog. If you have the Gateway GM5478 I would move your TV tuner card down one, it is terribly close to your video card and I almost burnt out both cards, that’s just my suggestion, but it does not permanatly fix the fan zoom restarts. My laziness in not wanting to build my own PC has bit me in the butt with this purchase as well as the worthless bestbuy 3 year warranty. I started having problems in August did not get the video card until december and now I am starting to get the restarts again. Horrible service and PC from both companies.
  86. BrianR Says:
    70 days now for me. Much of that was before the latest Gateway BIOS, but I did install it. I’m beginning to believe! I don’t plan on posting again unless I have another roaring reset or something to contribute beyond a “days since last crash” report. Thanks all!
  87. Tim Says:
    Roy: I’m glad this blog post & discussion were able to help. Before I purchased the GM5478 I found nothing on the web doing a Google search…except the Gateway GM5478 web page and I think one other retail page. So I thought I was OK… Then when the CPU fan roar/restart issue started, it took a while before I could find anything about it. So I made this blog post to help spread the word and hopefully help anyone else with the same issue. Or at least let folks know they were not alone!

    BrianR: Thanks for your status updates :-) It’s been good to hear how things were going on your end. Please do let us know if the issue resurfaces - but I hope it doesn’t!
  88. Alberto Toglia Says:
    Hi, I have recently bought a Gateway gt5628 and like everyone else it started to reboot itself like once a day with stop error 0×000000D1 and sometimes 0×00000044. Reading about this stop errors on microsoft.com I thought it had something to do with the network card. I use it for game developing, Visual Studio, Adobe Studio, Maya, etc. and I`m thinking this isnt as though as game playing so I really dont feel the computer getting hot or something. I’m getting a crash everytime I leave the computer on all night while I download some torrents files or songs, but its ussually on all day and it crashes at random moments. I have tried everything, reintalling Vista, installing the latest bios drivers, installing some hotfixes from the windows.com concerning the 0×000000D1 ndis.sys0 problem and nothing. I have sent some emails to the gateway support team and they just dont seem to know anything at all. Has anybody solved the rebooting issue with the gt5628? I really dont know how this company is still producing computers…
  89. Alberto Toglia Says:
    Hey Jamey how in the world did you install Windows Xp on the Gateway gt5628, I was hoping to solve my rebooting problem installing xp. Thanks for your help.
  90. Alberto Toglia Says:
    I don´t know if you guys disabled Vista´s option of automatic rebooting after stop errors. With that done you can check the error message thrown in the blue screen before the reboot is done. I was getting this 0×000000D1 stop error very often (like once a day) before the Jan/16th update. http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21696&uid=184168162 After that update the 0×000000D1 error had disappeared, so I didn’t get any rebooting for a while. Two weeks later I got another error that I hadn’t seen before the 0×00000044, but this one occurred very rarely. By that time there was another bios update so I installed it immediately, Feb/4th update: http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21708&uid=187310164 I wish I hadn’t done that cause the recurrent 0×000000D1 came back, and started rebooting the computer once a day again. Now a downgraded the driver to the Jan/16th, the one I had in the first place but it seems like I can’t get the bios driver where it was cause now I´m still getting the 0×000000D1 crashing the computer very often problem I thought I had fixed before with that driver.
  91. Jamey Says:
    Alberto Toglia, i had to go out and find the drivers manually. First i started with the motherboard drivers and went from there. It was a pain but i finally got it working. I did have to go into the bios and set the SATA setting to legacy mode.
  92. Howard Says:
    same problem with gateway gt-5628 bought at best buy in Oct 2007. first occurance of fan whirling was on day 15 (one day after best buy return policy). many calls etc to gateway - same results as every one else. last week shutting down did not stop 3-days straight (usually it stopped within 24 hours and we were good for 13 days or so) fed up, bought an HP with similar features but with AMD phenom. now I have an expensive backup pc. hopefully class action lawsuit will solve our problems someday
  93. Scott B Says:
    Just to follow up, I have not had a reset since I applied the updated Gateway BIOS. So, in total, I replaced the power supply and updated to latest Gateway BIOS and all is well. My kids love the machine (and I love my 24″ iMac).
  94. Tim Says:
    @Howard - Try installing the latest BIOS upgrade from Gateway. That seems to have worked for the GM5478.

    @Scott B - Thanks for the update! I have been without restart problem since mid-January. Woohoo!
  95. Howard Says:
    Yes and thanks. I was astounded that this BLOG exsisted with many expressing the exact same problems I was having, right down to the need to push the power switch twice. makes me wonder how many thousands are still trying to figure out their gateway problem. After reading all 90 some posts, I did finally see that the new BIOS seems to work (I did write my message after reading the earlier posts). I will try that this weekend, but like others never again with gateway. new HP is sweet, but I keep waiting for the whirling…
  96. Alberto Says:
    My gt5628 stopped rebooting after I did the bios flash and unistalled a driver that I used to connect to the internet through my usb port. I’m not installing any new strange driver anymore…
  97. Howard Says:
    Installed the 2-4-08 BIOS fix listed on the gateway website over the weekend. everything went smooth, install did what the instructions said it should / would do. results so far from sat 3/1/08 to mon 3/3/08: no shut downs, pc was on 8hrs sat; 12 hrs sun and just turned on this morning. turn on switch only had to be done once each time. upon shut down at night, no whirling at shut down. so, I will keep this set up on the home router network and watch it as the days go by.
  98. JamesNY Says:
    Bought this PC in January - and it has just now started doing the shutdown as described here. All I can say is thanks for this Blog. I read about overheating problems so bought a hard drive bay exhaust fan and installed it the 2nd week I had the unit. I encountered the double turn on problem and thought maybe I was just not pressing it hard enough. So I will first try the Gateway Bios Update fix this afternoon when I return home. This is a major problem. I thought that Gateway really did a turn around on this system when I frist bought it - performance was really great. Thanks to all who posted here.
  99. Frank Says:
    AA workaround? I installed the INTEL bios on my Gateway GM5638E. It seems to be stable but I don’t like it waiting to boot until someone hits the enter key. I tried to reflash back to gateway and now it fails? Can someone describe how to backout intel flash to gateway? email me at frankk74 @ rogers .com if it is too long to post here…. Thank you hosting this issue on your blog!!! Frank
  100. pissed Says:
    I am extremely dissappointed by the fact that even with a new BIOS downloaded I still have to press the power button twice for it to start my machine. At least the download seems to have stopped the hourly shutdowns. Thank the Gods for this blog as gateway tech support was as useful as tits on a boar hog….
  101. pissed Says:
    Apparently I spoke too soon. Even with new BIOS installed, it has begun shutting down hourly again. I have owned gateways in the past, both desktops and laptops, and I have never had this problem with them before. This will likely be my last gateway computer.
  102. Otter Says:
    Happened on this blog after my 5628 started to have random reboots, already had the upgraded BIOS too. Another site mentioned changing the fan settings in the BIOS, and I have been reboot free for the past few days.
  103. Jeff Says:
    FWIW, there’s a new bios (Apr1, 2008). Unfortunately if you try to download it you get a wonderful “file not found” message. For those of us struggling with this POS computer it’d be a cruel April Fools joke… I’m currently running the Feb bios… No restarts recently, but I’m still highly skeptical. Jeff
  104. Alberto Says:
    A long time has passed since I solved the restarting issue of my computer after doing the bios update. But, what I havent done yet is to install WinXp Sp2 on my gt5628, and Jamey your the only one on internet I know of that has done it. I did what you said: Bios setup, changed from Raid to Ide, then I changed from Native to Legacy, try to install it but I get the blue screen on the middle of the installation. What should I do?
  105. Jason Says:
    I’m with you Alberto. I can’t take Vista anymore, I had the same issues with blue screens last time I tried the “downgrade” to XP. Jamey, if you have a working XP machine with the drivers functioning, you could do us all a huge favor and use a driver extraction/backup utility to help share your success. Email is jason [at] liveinthemedia.com
  106. Bob Says:
    I purchased a GM5632E from buy.com on April 4, with shipping it was $696. It arrived on April 9 and had version 261 of the BIOS installed. First bootup required two presses of the power switch and was accompanied by roaring fan noise. I immediately upgraded to the version 296 BIOS [1/16/08] and have had no problems so far. Waiting to see if the version 304 BIOS [4/1/08] is upgrade-worthy. In Gateway’s Support Documents area for the GM5632E, the version 296 BIOS is the one recommended to stop the rebooting problem. Thanks to all on this forum for your experiences and advice.
  107. MH Says:
    I flashed my bios using the current intel gm33 bios update. I have a GM5632E. I can’t flash it back to the gateway bios. I tried to use the bios recovery by setting the jumpers and restarting with the gateway bios .bin file on a CD, but nothing happened. Does anyone know how to get back to the gateway bios after putting in the intel bios? Would uniflash work somehow? HELP! :)
  108. Howard Says:
    I did the 298 update from feb for my GT5628 and since march 5, no restarts or push twice happenings, fingers crossed all the time though. at least for the GT5628, the new april bios update does not state “this supercedes all other……..” like the feb one states, so I am sticking with the feb update. if it ain’t broke leave it alone.
  109. Roy Says:
    Mine started doing it again. I had not installed the January 08 Bios but the October bios. I have since found two more bios updates on Gateways web site the newest is from April 2008 and can be found here. I am going to go give it a try http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=21764&dscr=Intel%20(Schroeder%20Town)%20G33%20Motherboard%20BIOS%20Update&uid=19411155
  110. Jim Says:
    MH Just go and install the latest BIOS from the Gateway web site…that will get you back to a Gateway BIOS…Install it right over the Intel one you have if it doesn’t work properly. BTW everyone, its been almost 5 months now since I put in the Intel G33 BIOS and NO PROBLEMS Of course I did finally go back and use the latest gateway BIOS since they finally came up too speed with Intel’s BIOS! I LOVE my GATEWAY!!!
  111. Alex R Says:
    I am a Geek Squad Agent with a Best Buy and my step father has started to have this issue on his Gateway GT5628. Given the randomness of this issue I am going with the logical (and easiest) fix of the BIOS update. I have installed packages: DP0304P D20282-001-002 If you do not get an update then this fixed the issue.
  112. Shawn Says:
    Thanks for hosting this blog and keeping it up. I just had to deal with this problem today and hopefully resolved it with the BIOS update. Gateway was absolutely no help. You’d think their tech support would be up to speed on this problem, but they were worthless.
  113. Josh B. Says:
    I’ve been having the same trouble with my 5628. It was fine for two months, then it started up again. I got this 5628 back in October (late October). I had problems with it in January, then after a couple days of fun in hell, it didn’t do that for a few more months. It happened in May a few times, I did a bios update (went from the old version to…the same version…and that somehow fixed it - I had the recent bios update all along, heh). The fan speeds up or something, damn near gives me a freaking heart attack every hour on the hour, either that or every 45 to 49 minutes, pick your poison is what it’s all about. I had to just leave my office every 45 minutes, go watch TV for a while, just so I wouldn’t get scared to death from the freaking fan noise. It’s like a bad horror movie - a really really bad one.
  114. ronnie Says:
    Mine stopped booting and that it. I gave gateway my piece of mind and they just replied with the usual I am sorry. give me 499 and we will fix it - No way greedy basters
  115. David J Says:
    Gateway has a July release of the BIOS. It seems to have stopped my machine from rebooting (at least for now). Thanks for this blog. I think it has saved many of us from costly hardware repairs.
  116. site admin Says:
    Thanks David! I sure hope it has helped. When I first started having this problem, I could not find any information about it on the Internet. The forums I linked to above really helped me out.
  117. Glenn Says:
    I suffered with the double push button start and loud fan blast shutdowns off and on until I found this blog. (THANKS!) I downloaded the July bios update last night and now all is well. Single push button start now, that’s a dead give a way right there. I must say that I have always loved this Gateway PC in spite of the occasional shut downs. I have purchased nothing but Gateways since 1995 and will continue to do so as long as they are available.
  118. Eric Says:
    Wow, am I glad to have found this site, I recently purchased a 5628 off E-bay with drive scrubbed, I tried to install Xp and ran into Blue screen error message. Tried Gateway support, I wonder if they laugh at such things, anyway no help. It seems as though I am not the only one to encounter this! Good news-Bad news. I would try Jamey’s suggestion but I’m not all that savvy. Anyone else try this or is everyone running Vista?
  119. Adam Says:
    I wish I had found this site in 07 when I bought my Gateway GM5478. For over a year now I have been system restoring because it seemed to be the only thing that would help on a temp basis. God only knows the number of grey hairs this thing has given me. At any rate- today I downloaded and then installed the new (not so new anymore) Bios update from Gateway. I have not moved the video card or replaced the power supply. Every thing hardware wise is exactly the same as I bought it in May of 07. I will post if this works or not. BTW, I am not one to threaten suit or grand stand in any way, however this issue seems to have cost me as well as many others countless hours, repair costs, bench hours, and for me as mentioned earlier, grey hair. Gateway and Best Buy both need to be a little more understanding and knowledgeable of this issue going forward.
  120. angel Says:
    Just want to say that I’m glad I found this blog. I’m currently in the middle of flashing the newest BIOS for my GT5628, and the fan’s been running for about 45-50 minutes now. Is this normal? I’ve never done this before.
  121. Tim Says:
    Hi Angel - I’m glad this post & the comments were able to help :-) I’m not sure why your PC’s fan would stay on like that. I hope that it now behaves normally after you updated your BIOS.
  122. angel Says:
    After it was running for about an hour, I decided to take a chance and manually shut the PC down. Luckily it started up just as normal. I followed some instructions on Gateway’s site about this particular problem, so that it shows as updated when viewing System Information. Since updating the BIOS, it has not restarted on its own. I’m very happy that I didn’t spend money thinking something else was wrong. Thanks all for the help and hopefully others find this blog like I did to fix similar problems.

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