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Status of my Gateway GM5478 CPU Fan Roar/Restart Issue
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Posted by: site admin @ 1:02 pm

Since my previous post regarding the Gateway GM5478 CPU fan roar and subsequent restart issue has already received nearly 90 comments, I figured I would add a new post to provide a quick status update.  After another restart on January 17, 2008, I upgraded to the BIOS dated January 16, 2008.  Since then, I have not had another CPU fan roar and reboot.  However, it has only been one month, so that may not be long enough to know for sure if the January BIOS has fixed the issue permanently.

If you have the time, definitely read all the comments from my previous post as there are some other things you can also try in addition to the BIOS updates (though I have not tried them).  There is a good thread about this on the c|net forums as well.

I see there is also another BIOS update from Gateway (dated February 4, 2008), though I have not yet upgraded to that version.

5 Responses to “Status of my Gateway GM5478 CPU Fan Roar/Restart Issue”

  1. wehatescompoopters Says:
    I was having the same reboots back a bit and applied the Jan. BIOS updated. This worked fine until Apr. 2nd when the hourly reboots returned. I noticed there is now a new BIOS update dated April 1 ver DPP3510J.15A.0304. It doesn’t claim to fix a reboot issue and in fact was a bit of a rough update requiring a few power unplugs and power button pressings to get it back up. We’ll see if it helps the reboot deal at all.
  2. Tim Says:
    Huh. That’s a bummer. I’m on the January BIOS and no restarts since mid-January. Hope they don’t start up again!
  3. Jeffrey Says:
    I installed the new bios update (dated april 1st i think) to try and fix issue. I have had this issue for 6-7 months. They sent me a new PS before they even had documented that they had an issue. One thing new I have not seen on your thread is that they had me uncheck a setting in VISta. Cotrol panel..system and mainten..system…advanced..startup and recovery..uncheck the box that says under system failure “automatically restart”..just did it so we will see if it fixes the reboot when loud fan occurs..maybe the fan scares the system? lol
  4. Justin Says:
    I just recently bought this same model computer and it is giving me the same roaring fan/restart problem. I figured it was something overheating but it stopped for a few weeks so i figured it was okay. It just started happening again today when i left something to download while i was at work. I’m going to try updating the bios tomorrow and hopefully that will help but in the meantime i did disable the auto restart on system failure option. Hopefully my computer doesn’t burst into flames.
  5. site admin Says:
    @Justin - I hope the BIOS upgrade fixes the problem for you! That seems to do the trick for most people, at least from what I’ve read anyway.

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