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Beach Campout & Florida Trip
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Well, gosh it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything!

We had our annual campout (organized by Sharon) the weekend of July 23rd.  Again, we camped at the beach, and it was oh-so-nice!  I took off Friday, though it took a while to get ready and hit the road.  It was about 3 PM when we finally arrived.

The nasty thunderstorms that were supposed to nail us (rain, lightning, and high winds), passed quietly by to our north.  We watched the lightning flashing in the clouds for a few hours while sitting around the campfire.  However, we did get a 5-10 minute period of just high winds corresponding to the passing overhead of a patch of clouds forming an almost perfectly straight line.  Rather odd, but fortunately no lightning and if was over before we knew it.

Saturday was a gorgeous day!  I spent quite a bit of time swimming and managed to get some good sunburn on my shoulders (which turned to a tan and never peeled, thanks to morning and night applications of aloe vera gel!).  We had fewer people than past years, but had many of the same friends and family as well as a few newcomers.  We probably even have some pictures…Sharon????

We left the beach-camp Sunday and then packed…for sunny Florida!  Our flight left at around 9 AM Monday, July 25th, so we had to get up around 4 AM to get ready and get to the airport. Thankfully, we had a direct flight on Southwest…which has about 2-3 inches more legroom than the other airlines I have flown recently.  Very nice!  Also discovered Southwest does NOT have assigned seats - it’s first-come, first served.  I didn’t realize that, so I felt like an idiot looking for my seat number on my boarding pass…

Anyway, the trip to Florida was great.  My parents have a small second home in Gulfport, FL that was built by my great-grandfather (maternal side) in the 1950’s.  He and my great-grandmother passed it to my grandparents, and they passed it to my parents.  Mom and Dad took us to their favorite local beach, to the beach at Fort DeSoto, and offshore fishing with a friend who leaves about an hour south of them.  Well, it’s only an hour if there is no stupid accident on the freeway, anyway…

The beaches were sooooo nice!  Soft sand, warm water, bright sun.  And the water is clear, unlike the murk we call Long Island Sound.  The water was actually as warm as (or warmer than) the air…mid-nineties.

Fishing was pretty cool also.  Our friend took Dad, Sharon, his step-son and me out about 50 miles.  We fished for snapper and grouper in about 150 feet of water.  Due to the recent hurricane and red tide, we only caught small fish (except for Sharon’s rather large red snapper!), but it was still a load of fun.  We got to see some cool sea creatures as well:  a sea turtle, a bunch of porpoises, flying fish, and a 4-5 foot fish that swam right up to the side of the boat.

I didn’t want the vacation to end, but we had to come back Friday.  Sharon had a wedding shower Saturday and I went out with the groom-to-be and another friend.


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