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May 2009
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Holiday Weekend Kickoff
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To kickoff this holiday weekend, Sharon and I went to a Norwich Navigators baseball game with Danna and Steve.  Normally when I go to a sporting event, it seems, the team we are rooting for loses.  Well, this time the Navigators actually won 2-0.

Incidentally, our neighbors were also at the game, and we could actually see them from where we sat.  We were on the 3rd base line and they were just to the 1st base side of home plate.  We knew they were goint to the game, but didn’t actually expect to see them.  Not that Dodd Stadium is that big or anything…

After the game, the Mashantucket Pequot tribe (i.e., Foxwoods Casino) put on a nice fireworks display.  They had set up pretty close to the stadium, so the airborne explosions thundered and shook our plastic stadium seats.  I love that part.

After the game, I asked Steve how close we were to the Bidwell Tavern.  I had a craving for some of their award-winning wings.  Of course his response was something like, "what’s your definition of close?"  Well, we were on Route 32 in Norwich or Franklin and the Bidwell is on Rt 32.  It’s in South Coventry, but it’s on Rt 32…

So, we went to the Bidwell and scarfed down about 4 dozen wings.  And I got my Guiness fix to boot.

Today has been a little less than exciting.  Well, so far anyway.  I took a load of garbage to the dump.  This is typically not the weekend highlight.  I don’t know what it is, but everyone seems to sit in their cars and pickups blocking the entire facility entrance, just so they can dive in like vultures at the "good" parking spots open up.  They fear that they may get temporarily parken in for 60 seconds, God forbid.  For crying out loud, quit acting like your 12 years old, people!  Get the hell out of the way, dump your junk, and go!  Jeez!

Anyway, the weekend will definitely get better than that brief excitement.  We’re going to be making and canning more fresh tomato sauce using tomatos from our own garden.  Mmmm!

Tomorrow we’re going to a party.  Some friends of ours have a blowout every summer, so it’s always a blast.  And that’s on Sunday, and we’ve got Monday off.  Hwaaa!  Not yet sure what Monday will hold, but anything is better than having to work.

 – Tim

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