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May 2009
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Weekend Showers
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Whew, what a busy weekend!  Sharon had two showers this weekend:  Heidi’s wedding shower on Saturday and Sumeet’s baby shower on Sunday.

I dropped Sharon off for the shower Saturday morning and then went to Kevin’s condo to help him move into the house he just purchased.  Of course, he and his buddy Pete went out drinking Friday night, so they were essentially half asleep on Kevin’s couch when I arrived - slightly hungover.  Jaws was playing in the background on Kevin’s monster TV.  Alas, we had to turn it off just as the action was about to really get hot.  The TV and couch had to go into the moving truck.  Actually, Kevin and others had essentially loaded the truck on Friday, so only the couch, TV, and a few small boxes were left to load.

After a short drive and an offer by some cheerleaders to wash Kevin’s moving truck, we arrived at the new house and unloaded all Kevin’s stuff.  A few other folks arrived soon after we did, so it actually went fairly quickly.  Then Kevin and I went to John’s house to watch the Yankees lose to the Red Sox.  Those bums.

After the game, Sharon had still not called, so I went to my parents’ house to hang out and visit for a while.  Sumeet and John were actually able top drop Sharon off there after the shower, so I didn’t have to drive all the way back into New Haven.  That was kind of nice.  And very nice of them to give Sharon a ride!

After church on Sunday, Sharon headed down to Sumeet’s shower and I headed back to my parents.  Since Dad’s accident, we have not gone out in their boat much this summer. Actually, they only recently rented a slip and put the boat back in the water - not so much to use it as to try to sell it.  As you can imagine, cashflow has been rough lately since Dad still can’t work after 5 months…

Anyway, we went out for a short fluke fishing trip.  It was rather barren out there.  We caught 3-4 small fluke, a stupid 4-foot sandshark and Dad caught a 3-4 inch long sea robin.  The squid (bait) was actually longer than the fish!  I wish we had a photo as that was pretty funny.  So, we didn’t catch anything we could keep, but at least we were out in the boat on a beautiful day.

After fishing, I had dinner at Mom’s and Dad’s.  Mom fried up some chicken and had her famous potato salad.  Oh, was that good.  So was the chocolate sheet cake she baked.  Mmmm! 

I stayed to visit for a while, so I didn’t get home until 11 PM.  And then I had to read a little and actually finished another Star Wars novel (The Mandalorian Armor - The Bounty Hunter Wars, Book I).  Of course the ending left me hanging.  Plus, I had borrowed the book from a friend, but don’t have Book 2 of the series - argh!

Today was relatively unexciting.  Well, at least until Sharon called from her cell phone at about 5 PM.  The car was acting up and stopped running right.  I think it picks on her, because this stuff always seems to happen to her the most.  So, I drove down to where she had pulled over and discovered that one of the spark plug cables had popped off its spark plug, leaving the engine with only 3 firing cylinders.  Fortunately, the engine ran just fine after I put the cable back onto the spark plug.  On the drive over, I had been hoping that this was not going to be some expensive repair or catastrophic engine failure.  Thank God!  What’s really cool is that our Ford Escort has over 208,000 miles…and still has the original clutch.  How great is that, huh?!?

After that, I picked up some firewood for the upcoming winter and Sharon continued on to her aerobics class.  I wanted to get wood over several evenings this week but there’s a stupid tropical storm (at least no longer a hurricane) bringing a lot of rain our way for the rest of the week.  Figures.  It’s supposed to be nice this weekend, but this is the only weekend this month with no plans and we have 4 weddings in October and November.  And the weather predictions are not always reliable.  We still hae a lot more firewood to cut before it starts getting cold.  Ugh.

So, that’s wht the past 3 days have held.  Pretty busy.


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