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Insomnia and other stuff
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Ugh!  I hate insomnia! I have had trouble sleeping all week.  I’m so stinkin’ tired! It’s 2:19 am and I’m still going…strong…

On a completely unrelated topic…I have gotten hooked on podcasting.  I use iPodder (for Windows) and subscribe to about 10 feeds (at the moment, anyway).  One actually gives short daily video clips on any number of things (RocketBoom), while the others are almost all space related audio feeds.  I’ve been thinking about setting up an internal podcast as well to send out training-related videos, audio clips, and documents.  I played around with that today and it worked rather well.

I have also started another little project as well.  I have been using Audiograbber (freeware) to start ripping MP3s from my old music cassettes.  Also, I have ripped MP3 audio tracks from some of our favorite movies so we can listen to them while on long trips or whatever.  Soon, I hope to also add my vinyl collection.

I’ve been reading the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson lately.  Just finished “Red Mars” and about 1/3 done with “Green Mars“.  “Blue Mars” is next.  If you are interested in (1) colonization of Mars, and (2) science fiction, you’ll love this series.  “Red Mars” also won the Hugo award.  Cool stuff.

Sharon and I are driving to Boston tomorrow to look for wedding dresses for the bridesmaids in Heidi’s wedding.  I really don’t feel like driving at the moment.  It’s now 3:47 AM and I’m still wide awake.  Gah!

A friend sent me this.  It’s addictive.

  — Tim

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  1. Alan Says:
    Insomnia sucks… Didn’t have it tonight though. Wine helps :) The Mars trilogy books are really good. I also really liked Mars Crossing. It talks about (pretty accurately) a manned Mars mission. I still have a cd for you from camping. Gotta get it to Share at some point. Tom is talking about a trip this summer too. Would be a good trip for the significant others…. Al

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