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May 2009
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A trip to the hospital and more…
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Yep, it’s been an interesting day today.  My brother (Todd) called me this afternoon to let me know Dad was in the hospital with crushed legs from an accident at work.  Apparently, he had just finished repairing a water main and was standing next to the house with a shovel when the backhoe that was backfilling the trench somehow lurched into reverse.  One of the backhoe’s stabilizers crushed both Dad’s legs against the house before he could jump out of the way.  Fortunately, the operator didn’t panic and do something stupid like try to lift the hydraulic stabilizers - that would have probably torn his feet off.  However, it still took a few seconds for him to pull forward.

Anyway, both Dad’s ankles are broken and one heel is also broken.  Needless to say, he’s been in a little pain.  He will have to have surgery to put pins into the ankle bones, but we’re not sure whether that will be late tonight or some time tomorrow.  In the mean time, he needs morphine to tolerate the pain.

Mom, Todd, Sharon and I all went to the hospital to visit him this evening.  Dad had arrived in the ER at about 11 AM and finally got moved to a room at 7 PM.  Long day.

It’s going to be interesting.  Dad’s self employed as a plumber, so not sure how this is all going to play out.  I guess it could have been worse.  At least he didn’t lose his feet.

Interestingly, while Dad was in the ER, two cops from Old Saybrook were also admitted to the ER.  Apparently they were serving a warrant to some dumbass at a hotel in Old Saybrook and the idiot shot them both.  Luckily, they have only minor injuries (gotta love those bulletproof vests).  The dirtbag fared less well, but at least he’s alive, as far as I know.  Seems to me if you are a “badass” who sees fit to commit crimes, you should suck up the punishment like a man and not throw a little temper tantrum when you get caught. Newsflash: it’s not the cops’ fault you committed the crime - that was your decision, tough guy, so get over yourself.

And, to continue on the subject of taking personal responsibilty (or not), our new tenants in our condo/apartment seems to have disappeared after never paying the first month’s rent.  What’s with this?  They just moved in around the end of February and April would have been the first rent payment (March was paid up front).  We followed up with a person who helps me rent out the place and she spoke to the tenants one day, and a couple days later the tenants’ phone is no longer connected and the woman who signed the lease was apparently unavailable at her place of employment.  All that’s left in the apartment is one bag of stuff and some furniture that was apparently rented.  People, quit running from your problems!

So, needless to say, today has been a little stressfull.

 – Tim

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