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Big Red Freakout 2006
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Sharon and I traveled up to Troy, NY Saturday to see RPI’s men’s hockey team trounce Brown 4-2 for the annual Big Red Freakout.  Since Brown is last place in ECAC Division 1, that’s not saying a lot.  The level of play wasn’t superb, but it was a fun game nonetheless.

We stayed over at John & Gretchen’s house Satuday night.  John is a friend from RPI who also has an electrical engineering degree.  Though he actually got to use his.  Anyway, John was also an usher in our wedding and he had brought Gretchen as his date.  So, if you were at our wedding, you probably saw them.  Anyway, it was great to see them again.  The last time we saw them was during this past summer’s annual campout.

In addition to the weekend’s excitement, Connecticut got hit hard with a blizzard Saturday night and all day Sunday.  Driving was not too bad for most of the way, and fortunately most people stayed off the roads.  However, we had a crapload of snow in the driveway just waiting to be shoveled.

We had to park in the neighbors’ driveway until it we had a way to get into our own driveway.  Our neighbor Steve used his snowblower to clear the end of the driveway, but could not do the whole driveway since it’s not paved and the stones snap his shear pins.  I guess that’s one reason they paved their driveway 1-2 years ago.  Anyway, that left a lot of shoveling for me.  It took 2 hours, and fortunately the 1-2 feet of snow was fairly light and fluffy, unlike the previous storms this year.  Regardless, my body is still a bit sore today.

To top off the fun, I had a 6:45 am doctor’s appointment this morning.  And it’s a 35-40 minute drive on clear roads with minimal traffic.  It was so early, though, that the roads were almost empty (on the way down) and the highway was mostly clear of snow.  I was actually about 5-10 minutes early.  Sharon had an 8:00 doctor’s appointment, and was actually back in time to let her use the Escort instead of having to take the truck.

After returning from the doctor’s, I brought a bunch of firewood into the house.  So, I think I have gotten all my exercise for this week.

OK, I guess I have to get to work now.  It’s about when I normally start my work day.


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