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May 2009
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20-Week Ultrasound Appointment
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Posted by: Tim @ 10:18 pm

Ultrasound - profile view 2
Ultrasound - profile view 1

Sharon and I had our 20-week ultrasound appointment today!  This one was so much more amazing than our 8-week ultrasound, and even that one was awesome.  We got to see:

What a wonderful experience this was.  Just take a look at the photos I’ve posted here and you can see some pretty fine details like facial features and part of the spine.

We also brought along a microcassette recorder to create a “soundseeing tour”, but the recorder seems to be dying and the technician said they do not allow recording.  Oh well, we still got a cool 5-minute recording that you can hear on our audio blog.

9 Responses to “20-Week Ultrasound Appointment”

  1. Anonymous Says:
    Hi. Guess I missed this part on the first go-round. VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!! THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH! Love You , Mom
  2. Erin Tito Says:
    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet baby Tim. Love, Aunt Erin
  3. Dad Tito Says:
    Sherry and Tim, Great pictures!!! Thank you. Take care, Dad Tito
  4. Greg Says:
    These photos are amazing, Tim. I’m so excited for a new baby Chemacki! Thoughts on names? How about Aragorn? Or if it’s a girl, Helena? Ok, enough allusions. You should just call it Dexter. Even if it’s a girl. Dexter Elvira Chemacki. Done. Next!
  5. Lisa Brown (husband Ken) Says:
    Sharon told some of her Aerobics class mates to check out your sight. The Ultrasound pictures have gotten much clearer since I had my two boys. Great job on your husbands web site Sharon. How did your husband learn to do web site designing?
  6. Tim Says:
    All: Thanks! We’re really looking forward to meeting our little one live and in-person. 

    Greg: Yep. Sharon hates all the names I come up with ;-) 

    Lisa: I started playing with HTML back in about 1996-1997. I started using it to create documentation at work, and then started making personal web pages when I was living in Colorado so my family could see photos and read about what I was up to. Now I maintain an internal web site at my company and have some personal web sites as well. This site (blog.chemacki.com) is actually a “blog” (web log), so I didn’t create the design or layout, I just create the text content and picked a color scheme from a template (Sharon loves purple). You can set up your own blog for free using Blogger (www.blogger.com) without having any web design skills or knowledge at all. That’s what’s great about blogs. Anyway, thanks for saying hello :-)
  7. Danna & Steve Says:
    What a beautiful baby! He (or she-girl power) looks like you, Sharon! Hee! Hee! Can’t wait until August! Congrats guys!
  8. Flo & Steve Says:
    What amazing pictures. I am so happy for you. I can not wait to hold him/her and play. This neighborhood will be growing and we will be walking. How come I did not see the turkey? Your crazy neighbors.
  9. Heidi Says:
    What a great profile! Things are really getting exciting…Can’t wait to meet the little one!

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